Western culture presents and brands codependency and fear as love and romance. Yes, love songs sing of our inability to live without the other.  

Quasi Holidays created and marketed to express one’s love via consumption and social conditioning.

Learn all about the following:

  • new, expanded, empowered ways of understanding love in relationships.
  • opportunities to break out of limited beliefs and psychic agreements
  • information, wisdom, and practical tools that inspire you to higher, healthier, more embodied, fruitful forms of loving and relating.
  • ways to find deeper sovereignty, integrity and greater mastery in your relationships.

Do you want to explore?
~ What to do when your partner’s desires clash with your own

~ Understanding why we get hooked in relationships and how to reclaim power, strength and love

~ How to avoid the toxicity and suffering of relationships that simply won’t die

~ Love and pain go hand in hand and how to dance with both.

~ Selflessness and letting go of neediness to invest in the act of love

~ Plugging into Love’s infinite Universal energy rather than solely requiring it from our Beloved.

~ Emotional hygiene and healing core wounds versus looking outward for the mother/father figure to caretake

~ What to do when we experience insecurity, fear, competition, or jealousy in relationships

~ When boundaries do and don’t truly serve your growth


“As I sit here with a new clarity, I see how I can expand into truly being LOVE.”

“What a paradigm shift! I feel nothing but gratitude.  At the same time, it was tough to tear down lifelong beliefs and watch the walls crumble around me. I feel free like a caged Wolf that has been released.”

  • Committing to Love Jealousy versus Compersion Difficult Conversations and Authentic Relating Sovereignty, Integrity and Relating

Devi embodies both play and pray and has touched the hearts, and minds of many, be it through tantalizing their imaginations at her multi-sensorial sessions, to inspirational interactions that navigate people to accessing their personal power.

Experience Devi in a one-on-one session, a passionate lecture, online workshops, and immersive trainings.

  • I specialize in:
    Helping singles and couples live more ecstatic lifestyles
    Bridging the gap between traditional relationships and modern sexuality
    Remembering Love
    Understanding the spiritual elements of sexuality
    Discovering the New Awakening Masculine
    Honouring the Resurrecting Feminine